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For over 30-years, we've been helping to put together the most incredible projects

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA  -  As Printing Brokers since 1991, we have helped produce millions of pieces of direct mail, collateral, packaging and display projects for a wide variety of clients - from the tech, bio-tech, food, retail and real estate worlds.

Our secret to success is in finding the right Partners for each project - having the right equipment for the job makes all the difference in the world - which results in higher quality, faster turnaround, better prices and a VIP level of service from our Partners.

Our Partners love working with us because our projects go through without a lot of fuss and they have a single point of contact with decision-making ability as we refine the job parameters.

Our Clients love working with us because we make their lives easy - we translate very complicated processes into English and exceed their expectations on a regular basis ... we do what we say we are going to do.

Our largest project was $2-million in collateral for a series of User Conferences for a Tech Client.   We loved the challenge of having so many components that needed to come together, seamlessly, to meet the tight deadlines.

We pride ourselves on confidentiality.   We pride ourselves on consistency.   We pride ourselves on being accessible.   We pride ourselves on creating long-term, Win-Win relationships with everyone we work with.

We look forward to working with you   : )))

Kevin O'Brien

email :

Phone :   925-595-0422

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